Friday, July 14, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - July 19, 2006:

The week for San Diego, which means a lot of books get released. I was surprised to see a relatively small indy release week, and Marvel has a surprisingly good week.

Annihilation Nova #4 (Pretty interesting finale, with some great moments... but for fuck's sake, will you people please stop killing characters for shock value?)
Daughters Of The Dragon #6 (Good finale. I'm mildly curious to check out Heroes for Hire at this point)
Elephantmen #1 (Great intro to the world of Hip Flask if you've never read it, and artist Moritat is a find. Great sci-fi, beautiful art)
Marvel Adventures Avengers #3 (Still my favorite Avengers title, and one of my favorite Marvel titles. Old school in all the right ways, fun, imaginative... the heir to Roger Stern's Avengers in my mind)
Marvel Westerns Western Legends (These have been pretty fun... I'm on the fence about an actual collection, but they're good reads)
She-Hulk 2 #9 (Another good read, even if I have to sort of cringe past the Civil War stuff)
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 20 Glimpses Of Death TP (New Usagi trade.. woohoo!)
Walking Dead Vol 1 Hc (Seems like I've been waiting forever for this, but I figured it'd hit the week before San Diego)

24 Seven Gn (Image anthology with a ton of great creators... I bet they'll do terrific business with this at the Con)
Civil War #3 (OK, I don't think it fits the Marvel Universe and many of the characters are out of character... but if you read this as an alternate timeline book ala Days of Futures Past, it's a pretty good action/dark future superhero story)
Conan #30 (Mignola's first issue was a good one, looking forward to more of his story)
Done To Death #1 (Andrew Foley wrote a great graphic novel called Parting Ways, this is his follow-up, a darkly comic take on vampire novelists and vampires)
Eternals #2 (Very strong first issue, ten times better than Marvel 1602, curious to see what happens next)
Hunger Vol 1 Tp (Another speakeasy refugee, this one was an unusual zombie story with really nice art)
Justice League Of America #0 (I hated Identity Crisis, so I'm more than a little wary of this one. I suspect I'll not be a fan. But I've got to admit, as with Infinite Crisis and 52, I have some morbid curiosity)
Manhunter #24 (Glad to see this one get a reprieve, I'd be even happier to see it get more trades, as it reads much better that way)
Runaways #18 (Should be some big doings in this issue, what with the shocker ending of the last)
Rush City #1 (OK, yeah, product placement... you got me. I keep thinking of BMW's great Hire films, Dixon's general track record with action storytelling and those Jock covers... this could actually be good)
Shadowpact #3 (Second issue was a big letdown after a solid first... this will probably make or break my interest)
Star Wars Rebellion #4 (This one, on the other hand, is looking up... probably my favorite of the new Star Wars books)
Strange Eggs Presents Boxing Bucket (First issue of this anthology was weird. But good. Second should be much the same)
Uncanny X-Men #476 (Brubaker keeps the momentum going with a pretty solid second issue)
Zombies #2 (Interesting intro, it's not as good as Walking Dead at this point, but that's sort of the gold standard anyway)

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