Saturday, July 15, 2006

Katy Goes to the Movies:
On Monday, I took Katy to see her first movie in the movie theatre. Technically, Suzanne took her to about fifteen minutes of an Annie singalong, but since that was so short-lived, I'm not counting it. But Suzanne and I saw Cars last week, and pretty much everyone in the audience had a kid with them. So my worry that Katy talking and jumping around would be disruptive went out the window. And she loves Pixar, and I'd already seen the movie, so I figured if we had to leave at the 15 minute mark, it'd be OK.

As it turned out, she did great. We brought a bag of raisins for her to snack on, but when we sat down in the theatre a little girl and her mom sat down a few seats away with popcorn and a drink. Katy said "I want a snack. I want some popcorn." This was during the trailers, mind you. I asked if we could wait until later in the movie, and she (to my surprise) said OK. We watched the trailers (my third time seeing that awful Ant Bully trailer) and she did good through that, although she lost interest when the live action Mark Wahlberg trailer for Invincible came on.

Once the Pixar short started, she was pretty well glued. She talked to me through the movie a few times, and she started climbing around a little, but mostly she sat on my lap (she wasn't quite heavy enough to hold the seats down, so they snapped up and scared her) and watched and enjoyed. About midway through, she again said, "I want a snack" so we left and got some popcorn. We missed the scenes with 'Mater, Lightning and the tractors, which was a shame as I think Katy would have liked them, but we got her popcorn and she munched happily on that while we watched the rest of the movie, all the way to the end credits. I asked several times throughout if she wanted to go or stay and watch, and she always said stay and watch. Truthfully, I was kind of amazed. But she did really good, although I don't think she's quite at the level where going to the movies is anything special, because she's so used to watching everything on DVD. In fact, the last thing she said, while the credits were rolling, was "I wanna watch that one again."

Thankfully, she hasn't asked her mother to put the Cars movie in the DVD player, so Suzanne hasn't had to explain that one to her.

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