Friday, July 28, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - August 2, 2006

Well, after a strong July, it had to happen eventually, and it happens in the first week of August... a really slow week for comics. There's good here, but it's a pretty sparse week in comparison to the tons of comics goodness just about every week in July. If I remember from Previews, all of August is like this.

Dave Johnson Full Color Sketchbook 2006 (I saw this in San Diego, and it makes his excellent black and white sketchbook from last year pale by comparison)
Ex Machina #22 (Another interesting, off-beat plot from comics' only political superhero story)
Y: The Last Man #48 (The origin of Colonel Alter)

Agents Of Atlas #1 (Very much looking forward to these tales of '50s Marvel heroes, by the writer of Marvel Adventures: Avengers, artist Leonard Kirk and with terrific covers by Tomm Coker)
BPRD Universal Machine #5 (Continues to be a fantastic read, and Guy Davis is an art god)
Concrete Vol 6 Stranger Armor Tp (The final volume of Concrete, for now... and I'm almost caught up, meaning now I need some new stuff)
Detective Comics #822 (Second issue of Paul Dini's run)
Invincible #34 (Invincible stranded? OK, that's an interesting plot direction)
Noble Causes #22 (More on the war between the Blackthornes and the Nobles)
Uncanny X-Men #477 (Has been good so far, and after last week's Daredevil and that Criminal preview, Ed Brubaker is once again at the tops of my reading list)
Usagi Yojimbo #95 (Always good, not much more to say about it)

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