Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Randy's Life Update:
It's been a while since I've posted anything not comics related on this blog. And even then, it was pretty much a TV rundown. So this is my "State of Randy's life" post for those of you who care. If there are any of you.

We finally sold the old house, closed on the last day of June. I say finally, but really it was pretty quick... we put it on the market in May, it sold by the end of June. That's not bad, but as anyone who has sold a house will tell you, the waiting and working out of details is just murder on your nerves. I'm glad to have it behind me. And knowing the house was sold for sure allowed me to make plane/hotel reservations for San Diego relatively guilt-free. So now we are officially owners of only one house again, and that new house has shaped up nicely. New floors or carpet in pretty much every room, and while there are still a couple cluttered rooms, all in all it looks like a home again. Guess it's about time to think about a housewarming party!

I got out to see both X3 and Superman Returns in the past couple weeks. I thought X3 had some pretty significant problems in script, tone and acting (*cough* Halle Berry *cough*), but... I expected it to be godawful, and it wasn't. It was a poor closer for the initial two films, but the Beast was well done, and Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart were great as always. I doubt I'll buy the DVD, but it wasn't the colossal fuck-up I was expecting.

Superman Returns, on the other hand, I really enjoyed. James Marsden proves here that if anyone knew how to write him, he had the chops to play a good Cyclops, with essentially the same strong supporting role here. Kevin Spacey is fantastic as Lex Luthor, Brandon Routh is good as Superman, and Kate Bosworth is solid as Lois Lane (yes, I'll admit she looks about 10 years too young, and they could have cast better, but she held her own). Parker Posey was good in a thankless role, but that role added nothing to the film and should have been cut. And I can certainly see the complaints that others have with the movie, and even agree with them, but they didn't get to me in watching the movie because I was totally in it from the moment those retro credits and the Williams score came up. After watching it, I told my friends it was probably the best movie I'd seen all year. Of course, that's more a commentary on how many films I've seen in the theatre this year than anything else, but still... a good flick. Looking forward to the sequel, which, following the pattern of X-Men and X2, will probably be twice as good.

Life should be pretty busy for the next couple months. In just over two weeks I leave for the San Diego Comicon. Sometime in early August, my sister's baby will be born, and we'll be heading down to Miami (Katy's first airplane ride) for that. In the last week of August, we'll have the 20th anniversary celebration for Dragon's Lair. And I'm pretty sure that somewhere in there we're supposed to get out to Colorado to spend a few days with Suzanne's family at a vacation spot. But it's a good kind of busy, and a lot of my stress has been relieved now that the house stuff is taken care of.

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