Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - July 12, 2006:

Wow, massive Vertigo week this time out, as almost all of my favorite Vertigo titles ship. Last week was probably the best week of comics in the whole year, so this week can only look disappointing by comparison... but it's actually a decent, if smaller, week as well.

American Virgin #5 (Second story arc, proving that the first was no fluke. One of the best new Vertigo titles on the stands, which means it's one of the best new titles on the stands period)
Avengers Assemble Vol 3 HC (I've actually got all these stories now that I bought the 40 Years of Avengers DVD, but I'd still rather have them in hardcover as well)
Escapists #1 (Fantastic first issue, now that it's finally out it means the wait for the second issue, which I haven't already read, is much less.)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol 1 Tp (Continues to be fun, light teen romance from Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa)

Annihilation Silver Surfer #4 (Glad to see these minis wrapping up...)
Annihilation Super Skrull #4 ( we can get on with the Annihilation main event)
DMZ #9 (Another great new Vertigo book, and another part of the thus far excellent "Body of a Journalist" arc)
Fables #51 (My favorite book, hands down)
Hawaiian Dick The Last Resort #4 (Holy crap! It's actually coming out! Con season must be jumping into full swing next week or something...)
Scarlet Traces The Great Game #1 (Wow, this one's finally out too)
Sire #1 (The first Virgin Comic, Devi, was not bad... I'll check out their others)
Snakewoman #1 (Especially this one, which has the most intriguing premise and is written by Zeb Wells)
Star Wars Legacy #2 (First issue was surprisingly weak, but I have faith in this creative team)
Superman #654 (Wasn't wowed by the 8-part OYL story, but I'll give Busiek & company another chance with their new story)
Transformers Infiltration #6 (IDW's first Transformers mini wraps, and it's been a good read thus far)
Walking Dead #29 (Plenty of twists and turns going on in this book)
Wasteland #1 (Hooray! Oni's post-apocalyptic book starts, and after reading the preview, I'm looking forward to reading the rest)
X-Men #188 (Brubaker's Uncanny was really good, so I'm hoping Carey and Bachalo can bring the same level to their game)

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