Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is a bit late, since I was in San Diego until Monday, but here's the rundown of what I got this week. It's a pretty good week to follow up a really good Con, and July has easily been the best month for comics of 2006. It's gonna be really tough picking out a Top 20 issues and Top 10 graphic novels this month, and I know some really good comics are going to wind up not making the cut thanks to the competition.

Astro City Samaritan Special (Great single issue story about Samaritan's interaction with his archenemy... hadn't realized how much I missed this book until I read this issue)
Batman #655 (I'm not entirely sure what I just read... Kubert's art is disappointing, and Morrison's first issue is a little weak... but the first issue of All-Star Superman was a little weak too, and that turned into one of my favorite books)
Birds Of Prey #96 (Another solid issue of Birds of Prey)
Black Plague One Shot (Really more of a setup for a miniseries than a self-contained story, but interesting... and nice art)
Captain America #20 (Terrific art, good action, really enjoying the guest-starring roles of Union Jack and Spitfire)
Captain America Red Menace Vol 1 Tp (Unless they do a hardcover collecting Brubaker's Cap, I definitely see trade purchases in my future)
Casanova #2 (Bizarre, hilarious and gorgeous to look at)
Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways #1 (Surprisingly good, with nice art by Caselli and a good superhero story by Zeb Wells. Cringed my way through the Civil War parts, but the actual writing on the characters is spot-on)
Daredevil #87 (Fantastic. This book now lands solidly amongst my favorite Marvel comics of the moment, thanks to a terrific issue)
Exiles #84 (Decent transition into the next Exiles story, Bedard continues to deliver solid old school superheroics)
Fear Agent #6 (Really wishing the book came out more quickly, but each issue has great art and terrific science-fiction action)
Godland #12 (The first story arc concludes with giant cosmic action sequences, and it's a blast)
Jack Of Fables #1 (Really good opener to the Fables spinoff, with nice art and the intriguing return of a familiar face)
Love As A Foreign Language Omnibus Vol 1 Tp (I've read and enjoyed all of J. Torres/Eric Kim's cross-cultural romance tale, and this all-in-one digest is a nice package)
Polly & Pirates Vol 1 Tp (Adventure, humor and spectacular art courtesy of Ted Naifeh... actually better than Courtney Crumrin, which wouldn't have seemed possible)
Previews #26.8 (Down the Line should hit sometime next week)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #8 (Finally back to Takeshi Miyazawa art, and the Gwen Stacy storyline)
Toupydoops #3 (Continues the fine tradition of the first two issues, funny and imaginative)

Castle Waiting Vol II #1 (A big, thick issue, but at this point, Castle Waiting is on "trades only" probation from me thanks to its constant disappearance from the shelves in mid-story)
Lucifer Vol 10 Morningstar Tp (More or less buying it to finish out a story I've invested a lot of time in, hope the ending brings me back around)

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