Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - October 8th & October 15th

Missed last week. Whoops. Man, October's been kinda stinky for new comics so far. There are a few gems, but it's much lighter than it has been.

Dynamo 5 #17 (Still loving Jay Faerber and Mahmud Asrar's superhero team book, maybe my favorite indie superhero book of the moment)
Guardians Of Galaxy #6 (Read the first six pages as a tease, and it's still great)
RASL #3 (Yay! There must be a blue moon, because there's a new issue of RASL!)
Star Wars Clone Wars #2 (First issue of this was as good as the new TV show is totally fucking abysmal)
Welcome To Hoxford #3 (Deranged, bloody, horrific, funny, awesome. Ben Templesmith, you are my favorite ex-pat Aussie. Sorry, Paul Hogan)

Atomic Robo Dogs Of War #3 (More World War II Atomic Robo... what's not to love?)
Booster Gold #13 (I don't remember who's writing it or what it's about, but honestly... this is one of the only DCU books I'm still reading)
Conan The Cimmerian #4 (Less Grandpa Conan, more decapitations please)
Ex Machina Tp Vol 07 Ex Cathedra (I've forgotten what's going on in this book, it's been so long... but I've heard this is a very good story)
Fables #77 (Last issue was not bad, curious to see where they go after the big #75 shake-up)
Uncanny X-Men #503 (X-Men actually fun to read again... I didn't think it was possible)

Bprd The Warning #4 (Guy Davis continues to blow my mind with his art... and the over-arcing story is good too)
Corps #0 (Surprisingly fun, solid art... better than Devil's Due's GI Joe stuff, for the most part)
Hellboy Library Ed Vol 2 Chained Coffin & Other Stories HC (Gigantic treat stuffed full of Stewart colors and Mignola art and Hellboy punching stuff)
Street Fighter Tribute TP (I'm only a moderate Street Fighter fan, but... whoa. This book was amazing for an art-book lover like me)
Warhammer Crown Of Destruction #1 (Skaven vs. Empire! Warpstone technology! Impending bloodshed and chaos! Boom! Warhammer comics continue to be a joy)

Ferryman #1 (Not crazy about the art, and the concept is tired, but Andreyko's moment-to-moment writing is strong)
Man Who Loved Breasts (Quirky and bizarre, but also kinda fun)
Marvel Zombies 3 #1 (There's no way this should have been as good as it was. But there you have it... long past expiration date as a concept, but the creative team makes it work)
Walking Dead #53 (Some new characters, some twists and turns, this book still very much has its hooks in me. Kirkman's best book, bar none)
Labor Days Vol 1 TP (Haven't had a chance to read yet, but this Oni GN has beautiful looking art)

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