Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - October 22, 2008

Captain America #43 (After over three years, this book starts a new storyline! And I'm anxious to see it, as I thought the last uber-epic was pretty good)
Criminal 2 #6 (Concluding the Frank Kafka story, which has been a favorite so far)
Gi Joe A New Beginning #0 (Really great. My full review is up on Comic Pants)
Northlanders Vol 1 Sven The Returned TP (Reads very well in trade, in fact much better than in single issues)
Warhammer 40k Fire & Honor #2 (First issue was good, just like all the Boom! GW comics)

Dmz #35 (I think I'm a couple issues behind on this... might just start reading in trade)
Family Dynamic #3 (Bummed to see this one go so quick, because it's so much fun)
Final Crisis #4 (Done with Secret Invasion as of #3, but I'm still curious about Final Crisis)
Invincible #54 (On one of its down cycles with me, but still interesting enough to read)
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #4 (Fun superhero comics for all-ages by Paul Tobin)
Thunderbolts #125 (Gage wraps up his run, a nice transition between Ellis and Diggle)
Tiny Titans #9 (Fun all-ages Titans in elementary school, as always)
X-Men Legacy #217 (Been digging this, but a crossover with Wolverine Origins may kill my interest)

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