Sunday, October 05, 2008

Clone Wars Second Episode

Yeah, I think I'm done.

They were working some kind of "horror in space" thing with Plo Koon and the clones in a fading life pod, and things out there trying to get at them. When the other dead life pod turned up, it could have been a cool moment as well. But then what's hunting them? Frickin' joke droids again! Sucking any of the tension out of the situation.

In addition, the big thematic story is Plo Koon telling the clones that they're not expendable and someone is coming for them, but neither Ah Soka or Anakin ever express even a word of concern for the clones. They're always talking about Master Plo Koon and how important it is to rescue him.

Also... boring space fights, boring starship chase, misuse of characters made cool in previous cartoon and comic book appearances.

This is Lucas brand Star Wars... and that's really the last thing I want at this point.


Daryl said...

the part where Plo threw the clone behind the droids was pretty cool!

Randy said...

I dunno. It would have been cooler if the clone hadn't yelled out "whooaaaa" in slapstick fashion or served up the "eat laser" catchphrase.

Basically, I think there's too much bad dialogue overwhelming even the few cool moments.