Monday, October 13, 2008

Something I Noticed...

Obama's speech on economic policy is a specific plan, with details on how he would help small business owners, secure current jobs and create new ones.

McCain's speech on economic policy includes the borderline delusional "We've got them right where we want them" (even if the election did turn in McCain's favor here in the last three weeks, you can't tell me this is *ever* where they wanted to be, and trying to spin it as if this was all the plan looks crazy) and a lot of the same type of thing he offered up in the debate. "I've got a plan for that." He's got a plan to get Bin Laden. It's simple, he says. He knows how to do it. He's got a plan for the economy. The full speech text is in this link, the "we've got them right where we want them" bit is in the video below.

What never comes up is, what is that plan? Why is that? Is he afraid that it's sooo good that Obama will abandon his plan and steal MCain's? Or is it, as is more likely, that he *doesn't* have a plan? Or is the plan really $5000 tax credit to insurance companies for health insurance, government spending freeze and the ever-popular, ever-vague "low taxes for everybody!"

Now, in fairness, the McCain campaign is now claiming that they will release an economic plan tomorrow. This is much like what they said a couple days ago, though, so you'll forgive me for being skeptical.


Chris Hunter said...

Randy, you said:

"even if the election did turn in McCain's favor here in the last three weeks"

Where do you get that vibe from? I'm not seeing that anywhere. As a matter of fact, the media would have me believe that Obama has all but won this election and that he needs to go ahead and simply deliver the acceptance speech.

Like I've told others, unless there's just a HUGE silent majority out there that shows up to vote, Obama will win this election.

What are your thoughts?

Randy said...

Sorry, Chris, you misread (or I was unclear). What I mean is, even if, by some cruel quirk of fate or a sudden countrywide brain drain, the election does turn in McCain's favor. ;)

Hypothetical. Nightmare scenario for me talking. Obama *has* all but won the election, and he needs to get to work on that acceptance speech.

As a Democrat whose hopes have been dashed in the last two Presidential elections, I'm reluctant to even say that out loud, but that does seem to be the way the wind is blowing.

Chris Hunter said...


I did misread it.

And one of the things that I do like that I've been hearing from Obama is that he does have clear plans, at least much more clear than what I've heard from McCain.

But I'm still really torn about who gets my vote, if anyone.