Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Important Reminder

Nobody gives a fuck what Stephen Baldwin thinks

I'd say I'm going to boycott his movies and TV from now on, but, with the exception of Usual Suspects, I've already been doing that by accident. I mean, the man's credits that include both Bio-Dome *and* The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas.


Chris Hunter said...

But you couldn't just let that one go, could ya?

What's the point?

Randy said...

The point is that it's a ridiculously ignorant thing to say, and Stephen Baldwin deserves to be ridiculed for it.

In addition to the large amount of ridicule he's already earned with his career, of course.

Chris Hunter said...

Why you gotta beat a man when he's down, Randy?!

LOL! ;)

I would like to see just how crazy this Baldwin may be...

Jim B. said...

Wow, I just realized... I've been unintentionally boycotting Stephen Baldwin for over ten years.
Good for me!