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Weekly Comics to Come - January 4, 2007

Remember, comics are coming in on Friday this week... if you go into the store on Wednesday, they may point and laugh at you. And also, since I was too busy last week, my list of comics I got/read the last week of December is here as well.

Annihilation Conquest #3 (Another great issue of Marvel space adventure... I'd really like Abnett & Lanning to get an ongoing Annihilation style title, in addition to Nova)
Dynamo 5 #10 (One of my favorite new series of 2007)
Northlanders #2 (Solid first issue, and the second one builds nicely on that)
Overman #2 (Loved the first issue of this science-fiction book from Image, looking forward to seeing where they go next.)
Teen Titans Year One #1 (The art on this one, by Karl Kerschl, looks drop dead gorgeous. The covers and solicits seem to promise a fun, engaging series by writer Amy Wolfram. And it's out of continuity, so maybe it won't be as fucked over as many of DC's mainstream superhero books are right now.)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #10 (Joss Whedon written interlude that sheds light on the big bad of Season Eight)
End League #1 (High fantasy post-apocalyptic superheroics. Good high concept, intriguing art)
Essential Power Man And Iron Fist Vol 1 TP (Been waiting a while for this one... of course, I still haven't finished reading Essential Moon Knight Vol. 2, these Essentials are huge time sinks)
Fearless #3 (Nobody's talking about this weird little Image superhero book, which is a shame, because it's got solid writing, a neat hook and great art)
Thunderbolts #118 (Not as big a fan of the second story arc as I was the first, but there are still plenty of good moments.)

December 28

Captain America #33 (Great issue, one of the best in a while, interesting lead-up to the new Cap next issue)
House Of M Avengers #3 (This is in the running for my favorite miniseries of the year. It's that good.)
Proof #3 (Image's newest breakout book, with a great concept, writing and art)
Queen & Country Definitive Ed Vol 1 Tp (Love the new design, and 12 issues of Queen & Country for $20 is a steal)
X-men First Class Vol 2 #7 (Great second part to the powers lost story, with tons of Sentinels as a bonus)

Brave And The Bold #9 (Kind of a weak issue, too many characters, and though it was crafted well enough, it didn't have the hooks for me that so many issues of this series have)
Daredevil #103 (It's good, but I'm still having trouble with Brubaker's uber-dark, kinda slow-moving, take on Daredevil... probably just not for me)
Fantastic Four Isla De La Muerte One Shot (Fun, weird FF special by Tom Beland and Juan Doe)
Giant Monster TP (Darkly funny giant monster story)
Invincible Presents Atom Eve #1 (Haven't had the chance to read it yet, but I love the work of these guys on other books, and I like Atom Eve)
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #8 (Steampunk Iron Man = awesome)
Marvel Zombies 2 #3 (Still surprisingly fun... I'll almost certainly pick up the hardcover)
Midnight Sun TP (Beautifully illustrated little indy gem from Slave Labor)
Usagi Yojimbo #108 (Continues to be as good as always, loving the current story)
Wasteland Vol 2 TP (Haven't gotten a chance to read through it yet, but I dug the first trade and want to catch up)

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