Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It Ain't Over Yet


Clinton is looking like the winner in New Hampshire. CNN notes in its article that New Hampshire has an older base, and that a lot of the independents voted Republican, and voted for McCain.

I don't know what this means in the context of who's going to get the nomination, or in terms of the Presidential election. Certainly it's disappointing, and not what I expected. I honestly thought Hilary was going to get her ass handed to her in New Hampshire, or at best that she'd lose by a narrow margin. After Iowa, and polls showing a 10 point lead for Obama in New Hampshire, I didn't think she could win, even though I'll be first to admit that polling is an inexact science at best.

Bummer for me and other Obama supporters tonight. I had hoped to have a clear indication that Obama was going to be the candidate, but clearly we're going to have to wait it out until Super Tuesday.

Here's the thing... McCain won in New Hampshire. And though I hold my nose at the very thought of it, given his desperate attempts to ingratiate himself with the insane Bush-era Republican leadership, I'd probably vote for McCain over Clinton. Which would be my first vote for a Republican ever.


Chad! said...

yeah tonight is a bummer. My only consolation is that she won by a narrow margin. As a recovering Republican I'm Obama all the way. But if the Dems put Clinton at the helm they've more than likely lost my vote.

Dylan said...

Randy, you took the words right out of my brain matter. As if by magic.

And Chad, I'm a fairly solid life-long Dem (from the womb, even) and I'd vote for McCain over Clinton. Obama all the way, baby.

M. Robert Turnage said...

During the primaries, it is more about the delegates than the "who won and who lost." Remember how McCain won New Hampshire in 2000 and then fell to the dirty tricks politics in South Carolina?

Also, the margin between Clinton and Obama was much MUCH smaller than the margin in Iowa. This may be a lost battle, but the war is far from over.