Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - January 16, 2008

Surprise! I'm not *just* writing about politics, I also cover comics from time to time. :)

76 #1 (This looks like a blast, a great riff on '70s comics)
American Virgin #22 (Closing in on the end, and this remains one of my favorite comics)
Incredible Hercules #113 (A really fun use of an under-used hero, great work by Pak, Van Lente & the rest)
Miki Falls Vol 4 Winter (Mark Crilley's romance/supernatural manga concludes, and I can't wait to see how it ends)
Resurrection #2 (First issue of this post-alien invasion book was really good)

Angel After The Fall #3 (I've been digging season six of Angel almost as much as season eight of Buffy)
Atomic Robo #4 (Tons of fun, great art, as always)
Bone Vol 7 Ghost Circles Color Ed SC (Yay! Getting ever closer to having the whole Bone saga complete in color)
DMZ #27 (Guest art by Nathan Fox, which is awesome, another single issue story from the DMZ)
Fell #9 (Wow, I wasn't sure we'd ever see this book again!)
Fight For Tomorrow Tp (Early Brian Wood Vertigo work that I want to check out)
Grendel Behold The Devil #3 (I'm an issue behind, but I loved #1, and I really need to catch up)
Hawaiian Dick #2 (Solid first issue, beautiful art by Scott Chantler, looking forward to reading more)
Hulk The End Premiere HC (Hate the premiere hardcover format, but I love both the stories in this collection)
Immortal Iron Fist #12 (Reads *much* better in trade, but still fun reading in single issues)
Lifelike HC (Dara Naraghi, a small press genius, finally gets his due from IDW with this hardcover of short stories)
Thunderbolts By Ellis Vol 1 Faith In Monsters TP (The softcover of Ellis and Deodato's great supervillain book)
Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #5 (I don't understand it half the time, but it's beautiful and fun)
World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound #2 (Promising first issue, but I'm more excited to see what happens now that all the setup is out of the way)

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