Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - January 30, 2008

House Of M Avengers #4 (This '70s flavored superhero book is one of my favorite Marvel books of the moment right now)
Proof #4 (I had advance copies of #1-3, so this is my first new Proof in months, and I'm highly anticipating the read)
What If Spider-Man Vs Wolverine (Loved the original What If?, and Jeff Parker does a great follow-up)
Wormwood Calamari Rising #1 (Yay! More Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse! With drunken leprechauns!)
Y The Last Man #60 (The finale... hope I wind up liking it)

Batman The Man Who Laughs HC (Ed Brubaker's Batman stuff collected, including his great tale of the Joker's first encounter with Batman)
Captain America #34 (I have my issues with it, but this is a good intro to the new Cap)
Casanova Vol 1 Luxuria TP (Now that the trade is out, I need to revisit this. Especially since, with The Order going, I'm going to need a place to get my Fraction-writing fix)
Fantastic Four #553 (McDuffie's story continues to impress, as does Pelletier's art)
Manhunter Vol 4 Unleashed TP (The original Manhunter series, now complete in trade. I keep hoping for an announcement of a new #1 any day now)
Previews Vol XVIII #2 (Down the Line is in the works)
Salem #0 (Witch hunters vs. real witches from Boom! Sounds interesting)
Young Avengers HC (The whole series collected, and I'm thinking about picking it up)

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