Friday, December 28, 2007

Xbox 360

So I got what I really wanted for Christmas. My parents-in-law got me an XBox 360, and my parents got me Rock Band.

Yes, I do have the best parents and in-laws in the world.

So I finally plugged in Rock Band tonight, just to try out the solo guitar action and...




This game is so good, I may never play Guitar Hero again. Downloadable songs, the ability to switch and play bass, drums or sing, plus multiplayer and online multiplayer with all of that? Not to mention I love the little tweaks to the Rock Band guitar, like the multi-mode whammy bar and the inset fret buttons, and the super-customizable avatars are awesome as well.

If anybody out there is on XBox Live, please friend me... I've put my gamertag up. I'm a pretty casual gamer, and I can't play first-person, or even a lot of third-person, shooters without getting ill, so I won't do the huge multiplayer HALO or Bioshock or Call of Duty... but I could definitely use some folks to play Rock Band online with, or people who will play with a total novice at Madden '08. I also swung by Gamestop and picked up their "Buy 2, get 1 free" used games to get Tomb Raider Legend, Marvel Ultimate Alliance (I already have it on the PS/2, but this one has Hawkeye and Moon Knight, two of my favorites) and Crackdown.

I can't wait for Burnout Paradise City. I've been digging the demo. And I'm going to buy the full versions of Catan and Carcassone at some point too.


Ebrahim Aldosary said...

Congrats on the 360, man. I got one recently myself.

About FPS games: How long has it been since you last played one? I ask because I used to be like you and couldn't stomach first-person shooters, but I recently realized that they didn't affect me the same way they used to. I now play them almost exclusively. I chalk it up to improved graphics. Maybe you should download a demo and see if you can now handle it.

And I'm loving the new Burnout as well. It looks and plays great. It just might be the best racing game I've ever played.

Randy said...

Still no go on the FPS. I tried out Team Fortress 2 on a friend's computer because the trailers were so damn good, and could only stomach maybe 20 minutes.

But it hardly matters right now, as all of my XBox 360 time is going into Rock Band. Solo guitar tour, solo drum tour, solo vocal tour, multiplayer, online multiplayer... that game is going to keep my limited gaming time pretty booked up. :)

Dereck said...

I got Rock Band for Christmas too and it is indeed awesome. I'm going through the solo tour on medium right now and Enter Sandman was everything I'd hoped it would be.

I'm playing drums on easy and I'm doing okay on that one. I still need to get comfortable with the foot pedal.

And with my Guitar Hero III guitar I've got a bass in the event that I ever have enough people over to need it.

Look for a friend request from RacerGRX3 soon.

Randy said...

I started playing drums solo today and I'm doing OK on Medium... but it does take some getting used to with the foot pedal.

I picked up a Guitar Hero guitar for bass as well, and I'm glad I did, because we played four player the other night and it was great.