Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - January 9, 2008

Bprd 1946 #1 (World War II era BPRD, another great artist, I love the number of good BPRD/Hellboy spinoffs we're getting)
Foundation #1 (Intriguing little X-Files meets Nostrodamus book from Boom!, I've read the first issue and it's great)
Nova #10 (Another spectacularly good issue of Marvel's best book)
Spirit #12 (Darwyn Cooke's run comes to an end, and since #11 was so good, I have high hopes for a strong finale)
Youngblood #1 (Joe Casey and Derec Donovan, I'm interested to see this and hope it'll be fun)

30 Days Of Night Red Snow TP (I can finally read the entirety of Ben Templesmith's World War II era vampire tale)
Bprd Vol 7 Garden Of Souls TP (Steampunk robots vs. Abe Sapien, plus plenty more)
Marvel Adventures Hulk #7 (Hulk and Silver Surfer, with David Nakayama returning on art)
Nightwing #140 (Rags Morales on art, Peter Tomasi writing, I'll check in and see what's up)
North Wind #1 (Post-apocalyptic climate change book from Boom!, very nice art and promising story)
Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #5 (Enjoyed the last issue quite a bit, I'll be back for this one too)

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