Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - May 24, 2006:

Daredevil #85 (I have to admit it, Brubaker and Lark have really sucked me into the story they're telling here)
Exiles #81 (The World Tour story is starting to feel overly long, but I'm still curious to see how it comes out)
Fantastic Four A Death In The Family (Usually I like Kesel's take on the FF, but this was just hokey and, well, dumb)
Toupydoops #2 (Second issue is as funny as the first, probably the indy breakout of the year for me)

52 Week #3 (I'm mostly bored, but I do enjoy the Booster Gold segments)
Batman #653 (We're closing in on the conclusion of Robinson's Batman arc, and it's been good so far)
Birds Of Prey #94 (Possibly my favorite DC Universe book running at the moment)
Black Coat Call To Arms #2 (First issue was a good pulp-style book with an original concept, and had great art)
Catwoman #55 (Intrigued by this one, although not as engaged as I was when Brubaker/Stewart were doing the book)
Checkmate #2 (Mostly hated issue one, but I still want to give it a couple more issues)
Concrete Vol 5 Think Like A Mountain Tp (I'm now four trades behind in my Concrete reading)
Death Comes To Dillinger #1 (I don't honestly remember what this is about, but I remember it seeming interesting)
Green Lantern #11 (Not really digging this, but I'm still interested enough to keep reading, at least)
Scott Pilgrim Vol 3 Infinite Sadness Gn (Late, but no doubt worth the wait)
Secret Six #1 (Simone returns to her villain characters for a miniseries, and I'll be there to read it)
She-Hulk 2 #8 (Follow-up to the Starfox story or just Civil War tie-in? This could be where my interest in She-Hulk goes south, if it ties in too much to Civil War)
Villains #1 (Viper's supervillain series. Not as fresh as it might have been, considering Arch-Enemies, Secret Six, Living in Infamy, etc., but still potentially interesting)

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