Friday, May 26, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - June 1, 2006

Runaways #16 (Solid issue, kind of pissed that preview art in Marvel Previews may have spoiled who gets killed next issue)
Thing #7 (Dwyer's art seems kinda rushed, and Thing will probably go out on a weak note, which is too bad, because the writing is still fun)

52 Week #4 (I don't see myself reading all the way to the end. Still reading now, but I can't remember most of what happened last issue. Dull.)
Abadazad Book 1 Road To Inconceivable (Loved Abadazad the comic, not really interested in Abadazad the illustrated kids' novel. But I might get it for my daughter, if it's still good)
Age Of Bronze #23 (I generally wait for the hardcovers on this one, but I'm glad to see it still coming out)
Essential Off Handbook Marvel Universe Deluxe Ed Vol. 2 (Fun nostalgia trip)
Five Fists Of Science Gn (I enjoy Fraction's writing, the art looks good and the premise is fun)
Godland #11 (Probably the most fun superhero book on the market.)
Local #5 (Yay! One of my favorite books makes an appearance. Good thing, too, because the state of comics is depressing me right now.)
Middleman Vol 2 #4 (After a weak #2 and #3, I think I might be done with this one.)
Mouse Guard #3 (Not totally my thing, but kudos to a new indy book for making a splash)
My Inner Bimbo #1 (Sam Kieth is hit and miss with me... this looks like fun, though)
Showcase Presents Haunted Tank Vol 1 Tp (I kind of think that Silver Age DC is not for me, even in Showcase format... but this will be the volume that puts that to the test)
Zombies #1 (Full-color zombies from IDW... curious to see how it is)

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