Friday, May 12, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - May 17, 2006:

Annihilation Nova #2 (Hate Cammi the kid sidekick and I'm kind of weirded out by the buddy comedy vibe of the whole thing, but there is some nice cosmic action in this second issue)
Batman Year One Hundred #4 (I would have liked a stronger, more definitive reveal of Batman's identity, given that it was one of the two big mysteries of the series, but the art was gorgeous and the action pretty interesting.)
Captain America #18 (A modern twist on an Invaders adventure, guest-starring Spitfire and Union Jack, all done up in Brubaker/Epting's 24 meets Cap style. Good reading)
DMZ #7 (Paranoia about the government, great character work... Local and Supermarket top it for me, but DMZ is my third-favorite Brian Wood book right now)
Marvel Adventures The Avengers #1 (A bizarre line-up, but it reads surprisingly well, like an all-ages Avengers should, with plenty of action and fun. The Marvel Adventures line isn't really for me, but it's not supposed to be... it's a pretty good line of Marvel kids' comics)
Y The Last Man Vol 7 Paper Dolls Tp (My second-favorite Vertigo series and in my top five of all series running right now)

52 Week #2 (First issue was merely OK, with some good moments... hope it gets stronger, but it's readable at any rate)
Conan #28 (Still reading, although it's dropped to sort of the "reading to keep up" level for me)
Fallen Angel #5 (Curious to see the Angel's origin revealed, still unsure about that art)
Fear Agent #4 (The lateness hurts my interest, but Moore's art is terrific, and Remender's down and dirty old school sci-fi writing is a lot of fun)
Fell #5 (Last couple issues were a lot weaker than the early ones, but I'm still sticking around at this point)
Manhunter #22 (Enjoying the One Year Later take on the character... still wishing it was a trade series, though, as it reads better in chunks)
Marvel Legacy 1970s Handbook (I'll check this out for the novelty value... if they do an '80s one, I'll buy it for sure)
Star Wars Rebellion #2 (The art's a little bombastic for me at times, but this is pretty good Star Wars comics)
Talent #1 (New Boom! story, curious to see the first issue)

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