Thursday, May 25, 2006

Updated TV stuff:
So this is new. NBC, upon seeing what the competition was doing, decided to re-arrange their schedule. I *hate* counter-programming, the constant moving of shows. It kills a lot more than it helps. And now they're doing it at the upfronts. I'll be surprised if this doesn't result in some reshuffling by some of the other networks as well.

I have a Tivo that does most of my thinking for me, and I *still* miss shows when the execs keep moving them, which leads to me quitting shows. And I'm something of a TV fanatic, in a lot of ways. Casual viewers probably get frustrated a whole lot easier.

So... Studio 60 is now on at 10 pm on Mondays, after Heroes. Seems like a strange pairing, and doesn't really seem to give Studio a stronger lead-in, nor help Heroes in any meaningful way. Doesn't conflict with anything else I'm watching, though, so OK.

Friday Night Lights remains where it was, up against Standoff. And while I like Ron Livingston and Gina Torres and the premise better, Fox's trailer for Standoff during 24 was pretty weak. Hope it's better than that.

20 Good Years/30 Rock move down a bit, into less competitive waters against Jericho. The trailer on Jericho was also a little weak, although it had potential. Certainly I've got a better chance of giving up on Jericho then on Lost.

Mostly, these schedule changes don't affect any viewing plans I was making. But it does make me nervous, not confident, in NBC's plans and faith in their schedule, and I'd bet it'll have that effect on advertisers as well. At least, I hope this backfires on NBC, because the last thing we need is more encouragement for the networks to keep moving shows on a whim.

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