Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - February 15, 2006:

Daredevil #82 (Solid first issue. If the ending turns out to be a fakeout and Brubaker hasn't just wasted a really good, long-standing supporting character for shock value (see also X-Men Deadly Genesis and Banshee or Captain America and Bucky), I might be onboard)
Hack Slash Land Of Lost Toys #3 (Good solid last issue of this twisted humor/horror book, with great art by Dave Crosland)
Runaways #13 (Good solid issue spotlighting Molly, possibly my favorite character in the series)
Sentinel Squad One #2 (Fun, but I can't entirely get past the notion that putting this superhuman response unit into 30-foot robots doesn't make a lot of sense)
She-Hulk 2 #5 (Fantastic. Probably the best issue of volume two so far, with great humor and great use of Marvel's characters. Building on the past instead of ignoring or actively destroying it. Dan Slott is probably my favorite superhero writer at the moment)

Alice In Wonderland #1 (Rod Espinosa does a comics version of Alice. Should be gorgeous, and probably pretty well written too)
Batman Year One Hundred #1 (Paul Pope on futuristic Batman. Can't wait.)
Birds Of Prey #91 (More of Gail's rock solid action and characterization, this is one of my few remaining DC Universe titles that I'm enjoying)
Conan #25 (Enjoying the final Busiek stories on this book, even as I look forward to Mignola and Truman)
Essential Moon Knight Vol 1 Tp (Hooray! Seems like I've been waiting forever for this. I read some of these from a friend's collection when they originally came out, but haven't read them since)
Goon #16 (Wow, this looks like a good week. Rare treats like The Goon and a lot of other good books)
Manhunter #19 (I've started really digging this book. It reads better in trades, but the flawed characters and darker look at vigilante justice is very interesting. I don't like the tone so much with established heroes, but with a new character, I'm OK with it.)
Noble Causes #17 (The continuing battle between the Nobles and their evil opposite family continues, and the series is better than ever as a result)
Planetary Brigade #1 (More of the Hero Squared universe from Giffen/DeMatteis)
Supermarket #1 (Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldsen, whose art was so impressive on Image's Forsaken... the short preview looked good, I'm very much looking forward to this)
Testament #3 (Still on the fence, but I can't deny that it's ambitious, and Liam Sharpe's artwork is *gorgeous*)
Transformers Beast Wars (IDW) #1 (I'm enjoying Transformers: Infiltration so much, I'm gonna give this one a read, despite having no idea at all about the Beast Wars setting)
Ultimate X-Men Vol 13 Magnetic North TP (Finishes off Brian Vaughan's run... lost track of the title around this time, so I'm looking forward to seeing how he wrapped things up)

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