Friday, February 24, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - March 1, 2006:

Daughters Of The Dragon #2 (The child endangerment stuff is weirdly out-of-synch, but the rest of the book is a lot of fun, and Khary Randolph's artwork is fantastic for sexy style and action)
Essential Official Handbook o/t Marvel Universe Deluxe Ed Vol. 1 Tp (I miss the color a little, but these volumes collecting the best damn superhero encyclopedias ever are fantastic)
Exiles Vol 12 World Tour Book 1 Tp (Lots of fun... too bad Claremont is coming in to take over the book, Bedard and Pelletier have really hit their stride on this extended arc)
War Of The Worlds Second Wave #1 (An entirely setup issue, but it's promising setup... looking forward to more)
X-Factor #4 (Truthfully, I liked the '90s PAD incarnation of X-Factor better, but this is still a really good book, and far and away the best X-Book)

Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #40 (First six pages previewed online looked really good, and I'm delighted to see that despite being a new Aquaman, he's still named Arthur Curry. I can easily see this becoming one of my favorite books)
Ex Machina #18 (The delays have made me lose track of the story, but I still love this book every time I read it)
Fallen Angel #3 (Warming up to the new artist, although I'd be loving this book, instead of just liking it, if the original artists were onboard)
Fear Agent #3 (Again, delays aren't helping what needs to be a fast-paced popcorn action book, but still enjoyable with each issue)
Godland #8 (On time, and always enjoyable helpings of cosmic action)
Hack Slash Trailers (Nice art line-up on this one, and I love the story conceit of "trailers" for this mini-anthology issue)
Hellboy Makoma #2 (I'm sort of lukewarm on the Hellboy stuff of late, to be honest, although that's more because the BPRD series is so great that Hellboy pales by comparison)
Infinite Crisis #5 (Still reading it, still mostly not onboard, although I'm trying to get enthused about OYL and 52. I'm closer to feeling the vibe at DC than I am in the Bendis/Millar Marvel Universe, at any rate)
Jonah Hex #5 (Great single-issue stories, possibly my favorite new title)
Local #4 (OK, favorite new ongoing. Because Local is easily the best new book this year)
Marvel Zombies #4 (Guilty pleasure, I'm very interested to see Galactus versus a horde of zombie superheroes)
Northwest Passage #2 (Loved the first volume of this Canadian adventure graphic novel series, glad to see the second one)
Queen & Country Declassified Vol 2 #3 (With both volumes coming out so close together and having delays, I sort of lost the thread of both... but I'll definitely pick up trades of both, because I liked what I read)
Shadow Rock Tp (Wow, is this late. Looks like nice art, though)
Star Wars Empire #40 (Going out strong)
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 25 Cent Flipbook (Probably won't be too much story to speak of, but a nice cheap sampler for Dark Horse's underrated Star Wars line)
Ultimates 2 #10 (I have to admit, I'm very much looking forward to seeing how Millar/Hitch end this book. Also: LATE!!)
Y The Last Man #43 (So many balls in the air right now, with Ampersand, Beth, Yorick and company, dying to see what happens next)

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