Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Saturday:
Got up late, since Katy decided at 2 a.m. that she felt like getting up and playing. And was not happy when first Suzanne, then me, then Suzanne again, then me again, told her she could not do this, and she needed to go back to sleep. Finally, poor Suzanne had to go in and lay down in the room with her so that she'd sleep. I finally drifted off around 3 a.m. when Suzanne came back to bed. So while I woke up every hour or so starting at around 8:00 (my usual routine), I actually got up at about 12:30.

Played with Katy, messed around on the computer a little, went to work at 2:30. Work was... well, kinda hellish, as it is every Saturday. Tons of kids coming in, most of them with no money intent on reading (and damaging) much of what's in the store, and some of the freakiest people that come into the store seem to come in on Saturday night. Seriously, I love my job most of the time, but Saturday nights I almost always leave in a near-homicidal mood.

But I decided to go ahead and head over to Nate's birthday party anyway, and I'm glad I did. I was hungry, since the last thing I'd eaten was lunch at 3:00 (new shrimp tacos from Taco Cabana, which I think are quite tasty), and I debated various places to stop. Finally, unable to decide and hungry, I grabbed a quarter pounder at the McDonald's drive-through. Now, I'm no defender of McDonald's as very good food, but when you're hungry, a quarter pounder can taste mighty good, and this one did.

Once I arrived at Nate's, I gave him the bottle of rum I bought for his birthday present, fixed myself a rum and coke with the excellent rum that he had saved for me. Then I watched, along with a few other folks (most I knew, a couple I didn't), April Fool's Day, which Nate terms his "favorite horror movie." I can only assume he's kidding. Or drunk. But it *was* fun to watch in a group setting. And starred Biff from Back to the Future, so there's that.

Now I'm home, continuing my quest to view all the Batgirl images from the Batgirl meme (and Good God, there's a lot of them), ripping music from CDs to iTunes and thinking I should go to bed soon. I'm sort of wishing I was in New York this weekend, as the NYC Con sounds like it's going to be pretty big, but I'm also sort of glad I'm not, as it sounds like it's having any number of first-time hiccups.

Tomorrow: Hut's. Buffalo Burger. For sure.

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