Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Weekly Comics for February 3, 2010

Criminal The Sinners #4 (Another dark, twisted, gorgeous looking issue of the best crime book this decade... and maybe the previous one, unless you measure it against other Brubaker/Phillips stuff)

Demo Vol 2 #1 (Wow. Every bit as good as I remembered it being, and that's based not on distant fond memories but a recent re-reading of the Demo trade. Sure to be one of my favorite series of 2010)

GI Joe Origins #12 (A darker-than-usual take on the origin of the Baroness, courtesy of Andreyko and Templesmith. How long have they been doing this series as one-shots focusing on different characters with different creative teams? Because that interests me quite a bit)

Sweet Tooth #6 (Second story arc starts off well, as we get a little more background on the mysterious Mr. Jepperd and see that he's had his own share of tragedy)

Milestone Forever #1 (Damn, this made me want to drag all my old Milestone books out and re-read them. I'd clearly forgotten where the status quo left off, but minor details aside, it was good to see all these characters again)

Also bought: Wizard's Tale HC, Crogan's March


Kurt Busiek said...

>> Also bought: Wizard's Tale HC >>

Hope you liked the new edition as much as we did!


Randy said...

I did, it's a gorgeous book and actually a long-standing favorite of mine, so I'm glad to see it back in print, even better that it's a sharper-looking (and bigger) edition.