Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Comics for February 24, 2010

Usagi Yojimbo #126 (Funny story, with another great monster from Japanese mythology used in an unconventional way. Also, unrelated to story, wish I had $400 to buy those Roku statues on the back. Droool.)

Robocop #2 (Still a nice blend of the satirical style of the '80s movie with updated issues for the '00s, plenty of action and ultra-violence as well. A good sequel to the first movie.)

GI Joe Cobra II #2 (More of a great dark crime take on G.I. Joe undercover and Cobra's inner workings from Gage, Costa and Fuso... they even managed to make Dr. Mindbender work in this grittier context.)

Joe the Barbarian #2 (Reminding me of Seaguy. Which is to say, beautiful to look at, intriguing, but I have no freakin' idea what's going on most of the time. But I enjoy it despite that.)

Batman & Robin #9 (Damn, this book is odd. Having fun with it, though.)

Tales of the Dragon Guard #1 (Spectacular artwork, really interesting take on dragons, plus violence and boobs.)

Irredeemable #11 (Waid is deliberately drawing out the suspense on Bette Noir's secret, and it is *killing* me. In a good way. Also, it becomes increasingly clear that Plutonian has been a monster from a very early age.)

Incorruptible #3 (Max Damage reminds me of a more sociopathic Holden Carver from Sleeper, Jailbait is a great, hilarious sidekick and the whole flipside to Irredeemable has proven to be just as good as Irredeemable itself.)

Atomic Robo Revenge o/t Vampire Dimension #1 (As strange, and as good, as all of the Atomic Robo series have been thus far.)

Also bought: Classic GI Joe Vol 7, Incredible Hercules: Sacred Invasion HC

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