Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Comics for January 20-27, 2010

Joe the Barbarian #1 (Slow paced opener, but fantastic art, and I'm certainly interested in seeing where it goes)

Irredeemable #10 (I'm completely hooked on this now, can't wait to find out more of the secrets that lead up to this point)

Incredible Hercules #140 (The Assault on New Olympus story has been fantastic thus far, maybe not quite as good as the Thorcules story, but pretty close)

RASL #6 (Jeff Smith writes and draws a primer on the life and history of Nikola Tesla? Yes, please.)

GI Joe Cobra II #1 (Dark as hell, but also the best of the new IDW GI Joe comics. It's not the regular tone I'd like for GI Joe, but I love it as a Cobra book. Only problem is, a lot of the folks who'd enjoy it for it's gritty undercover vibe will never read it because it says GI Joe on the cover)

Robocop #1 (I always lose interest in these licensed comics, but Rob Williams, Fabiano Neves and Dynamite offer up a slick Robocop sequel here that dodges the suckiness of the other two movies, adds the economic meltdown of the '00s to the '80s political parody of the original movie and has plenty of cool action to boot. Surprisingly, one of my favorite reads in a really good week of comics)

Detective Comics #861 (Goddamn but Jock is a fantastic artist)

Guardians of the Galaxy #22 (I've lost interest in Nova until the Sphinx story is over, and I'm kind of bored with the other Realm of Kings tie-ins, but this one, with it's space megachurch of evil zealots and great superteam banter/action, continues to be one of my favorite Marvel comics)

Batman & Robin #7 (After the long wait, this was a little disappointing. Morrison's storytelling is choppy (where the hell did Batwoman come from?), not helped by the balloon placement fuck-up, leading to sort of a good-but-not-great vibe from me. Beautiful Cameron Stewart artwork, though)

Daredevil #504 (I love that Diggle has maintained the dark, Murdock is up against horrible odds and has to make terrible choices vibe while making Daredevil more of an active protagonist than a victim. And I'm digging the art by De La Torre/Hollingsworth. Daredevil continues to be one of Marvel's best books)

Chew #8 (Wondering how much of this story was a result of Layman wanting to put "King of Cocks" on the cover, because that cracked me up. Anyway, fantastic as usual, best new book of 2009 and in the running for best series of 2010 already)

Also bought in the last two weeks: Pluto Vol 7, Afrodisiac HC, Return of King Doug HC

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