Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Weekly Comics for March 3, 2010

Milestone Forever #2 (Damn, that was great. A terrific cap to a universe that has been waiting for its ending for far too long, and a new beginning, if DC is smart enough to give McDuffie the hands-off approach and marketing support to do it. Even though they probably won't, though, this was a great reminder of how much I loved Static & Hardware in particular and Milestone in general.)

Chew #9 (Continue to love this book as it builds its cast, expands on its story and makes me laugh, month after month.)

Demo Vol 2 #2 (Wow. Creepy. And effective. Loving Demo Vol 2 as much as, maybe even a little more, than the original.)

Sweet Tooth #7 (As bleak in its way as Walking Dead, and just as gripping, but with a smaller, more manageable cast. Loving this book.)

Girl Comics #1 (Bit of a mixed bag, writing-wise, but has some gems, and some great art throughout, and is worth it for the "posies" panel in Valerie D'Orazio's story and the Colleen Coover intro pages alone.)

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