Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Twitter and Facebook (along with XBox 360, D&D 4E and of course a full-time job and fatherhood) seems to have killed my blogging almost dead. These days, it's weekly comics updates and the occasional link-blog. Ah, well... hopefully the four of you reading this blog don't mind too much.

Anyway, three new additions:

Hotel Fred - I'm a latecomer to Roger Langridge, and I still haven't read Fred the Clown (which I need to rectify soon), but I've become a huge fan of his writing and art thanks to Fin Fang Four and The Muppet Show comics. This post alone, with sketches from Heroes Con, is worth subscribing to the feed.

Comics Alliance - Like io9 has done for sci-fi, I love the spread of snarky humor and actual geek news that Comics Alliance has, and its writers include Laura Hudson and Chris Sims, so what's not to like?

Comics Curmudgeon - I can't believe it took me this long to find Josh's hilarious site speculating and commenting on the newspaper comics of the day.

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