Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Comics - June 24, 2009

Dark Avengers/X-Men Utopia #1 (Very nervous that the Dark Reign status quo is going to wreck everything I like about the current X-Men status quo in Legacy and Uncanny, and more unimpressed with Marc Silvestri's work than I am with Greg Land's. Fraction deserves better artists who fit his writing style better)

Detective Comics #854 (This was fantastic. I don't know if the backstory/supporting cast is being rolled out here or is from previous stories, but I like what I see, and Williams' art is jaw-dropping. Like the Question back-up too, the most I've liked Montoya Question so far)

Green Lantern #42 (Some really cheesy stuff here, the Orange Lantern story has been a bit of a comedown after the strong Red Lantern arc. Hope Blackest Night regains my interest)

Guardian of the Galaxy #15 (Great chaotic fights, nice tie-in to War of Kings, only OK art from Brad Walker)

The Incredibles #3 (Terrific superhero comics, nice swerve on the bad guy even with the well-done foreshadowing)

Incredible Hercules #130 (Loving the afterlife story, another winner from Pak/Van Lente and company)

Nova #26 (The wrap-up of the crazy Worldmind story has bumped this book back up to my favorites, and I love that final page)

Predator #1 (The first half is great, the second half I'm getting a bit lost in who the characters are, but it's an interesting opening)

Runaways #11 (Beautiful art, but I think I've lost all my interest in these characters unless Vaughan comes back to write them, and maybe not even then)

Uncanny X-Men #512 (Not bad, kind of fun to see a 19th-century sentinel and science heroes, Yanick Paquette is the best artist Fraction has had on this book... but I couldn't stop thinking that mutants have been around for longer than a century in Marvel continuity)

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