Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Weekly Comics for July 8, 2009

Batman #688 (Winick's take on the new Batman and Robin is different from, but in many ways as enjoyable as, Morrison's take. And Bagley's a good fit for Winick's stuff as well. Kinda bummed they're going to be on for such a short run)

BPRD 1947 #1 (Every bit as excellent as you'd expect, given this creative team. Love the four new cast members, like the central mystery and *love* the artwork)

Hack Slash: Entry Wound (Late reading this one, and it's another fun one-off featuring Seeley's sexy slasher killer. Just wish Devil's Due would keep the damn trades and Omnibuses in print so I could sell them)

Hack/Slash #23 (Liked both stories, but the lead one was my favorite, and it's definitely a to-be-continued. Honestly, I'd rather have had the lead finished up here, and the snow-blower story, fun though it was, pushed to a later issue)

The Muppet Show #4 (Issue one was great, issue three was great, issues two and four were merely OK. Still, on average, this was a really good kids' comic with great cartooning by Langridge)

North 40 #1 (Strange little story of a town haunted and given superpowers, with great pacing, interesting characters and good art. Tough to describe, but a really great opener)

Red Robin #2 (Seems like the consensus was sort of down on this book, but I'm liking the new approach to Tim Drake, really like the use of Ra's Al Ghul and like the new globe-trotting Red Robin. Reminds me of some of the earliest Chuck Dixon work on the character, but with a more serious, more well-trained Tim)

Superman: World of New Krypton #5 (A slower issue of the series, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying this cop/legal drama take on New Krypton by Rucka, Robinson, Woods and the rest)

Underground #1 (Early sneak peek at this, which is a Jeff Parker/Steve Lieber collaboration coming up from Image. It's a really good read, a straightforward, no sci-fi/other genre elements mystery thriller with a believable setting, and it reminds me more than anything else of classic adventure comic strips)

Unwritten #3 (Like Lucifer, the last collaboration between these creators, this is looking like a solid Vertigo read with a long story. It's not up there with Y, Preacher, Transmet or Fables, but I'm hooked enough to probably pick up the trades)

Wednesday Comics #1 (Only got a chance to skim this one, but it looks beautiful. I look forward to buying a swanky hardcover. Not entirely sold on the newsprint format for $4, but it's a bold experiment, I give DC credit for doing it)

X-Men Legacy #226 (Not really liking the Dark Avengers vs. X-Men much, and sorry to see Legacy dragged into it, but it's still probably the best of the X-Books right now. Great Rogue stuff in here)

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