Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekly Comics for July 15, 2009

Agents of Atlas #8 (Really liked this issue... glad to see Khanata again, liked the use of the Hulk, loved seeing Atlas team in action, and really nice artwork)

Batman Streets of Gotham #2 (Lead story is kinda meh, but the Manhunter backup is terrific)

Beta Ray Bill Godhunter #2 (It seems like I've been waiting since I first saw that Simonson picture of Beta Ray Bill in the Marvel Universe to read this Beta Ray Bill story. Cosmic, full of cool space battles and with a compelling plot and good art to boot)

Buck Rogers #3 (I liked this at the outset, but it's having the same problems I had with Lone Ranger... slow pacing. And the decision to tell two stories out of sequence was the wrong way to go with what probably should have been more straightforward space adventure)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #1 (I really liked this book in college, and it's an interesting experiment, but I think a more traditional adaptation would have been preferable to what Boom! is doing here. The text is too often repeating what the art is showing, and the result is that it seems like I'd be better off just re-reading the book. Good for exposing new people to the literary roots of Blade Runner, not as good for folks who have already read the book)

Incognito #5 (Whoa. There's a whole world backstory here, beyond just the great lead story that Brubaker and Phillips are telling)

Incredibles Family Matters #4 (A worthy follow-up to the movie. Don't know that I can pay a higher compliment than that)

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #3 (What could have been a one-off joke story is instead a very fun adventure story tied into the Infinity Gems, and even the Bo Obama guest spot is pretty cleverly done)

New Mutants #3 (It's "just another mutant title," basically, but it's one of the better uses of these characters I have a nostalgic fondness for that I've seen. Also, beautiful artwork)

RASL #5 (I can't entirely keep track of what's going on, but I'm still fascinated. And, of course, the art is beautiful)

Unknown #3 (Another great issue, combining road-trip style adventure with supernatural and scientific "magic", terrific character work and spectacular artwork)

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