Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekly Comics - June 17, 2009

Batman Streets of Gotham #1 (Aside from the unfortunate decision to include a child prostitute for no discernible reason aside from creepy factor, this is a good first issue. Harley Quinn, Firefly, Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson playing a very different Batman and Robin, gorgeous artwork... and a fantastic Manhunter back-up that puts that character into a place where she'll *have* to become even more important to the DCU)

Dark Reign Young Avengers #2 (The dialogue is a bit... weird, but I'm enjoying seeing the Young Avengers and the New Dark Mighty Young Avengers too)

Dead Run #1 (Nice art, solid execution of a post-apocalyptic premise, reminiscent of Road Warrior crossed with Repo Man and Doomsday)

GI Joe Cobra #4 (Dark book, very much a different take on the Joe universe. I'm glad it was a limited, as I don't think it would work as an ongoing, but it was a really good limited series for fans of undercover stories, even if, maybe especially if, you're not a Joe fan)

Incognito #4 (Every bit as good as Sleeper and Criminal. I don't think Brubaker and Phillips have ever disappointed, even slightly, when they collaborate)

The Muppet Show #3 (Gonzo focus issue! Pigs in Space! More Roger Langridge goodness)

The Unknown #2 (Modern-day thriller/detective story with fantastic artwork, one of my favorite Boom! books ever and definitely one of my favorite Waid books ever. Everybody is buzzing about Irredeemable, but this is Waid's best Boom! book, in my opinion)

War of Kings Ascension #3 (Interesting side story about Darkhawk... probably wouldn't buy it as a trade by itself, but if it comes as part of an oversized hardcover or two ala Annihilation, I'll happily pick it up)

X-Men Legacy #225 (Fantastic use of Charles Xavier, and I'm shocked to admit that there was a story about the Acolytes, as big a bunch of mort characters as you'll find, that I liked this much. Carey is on a roll with this book, hope the Dark X-Men story doesn't derail it)

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