Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - March 19, 2008

Batman And The Outsiders #5 (*Love* the surprise guest stars in this one, and I'm digging Dixon's unpretentious superteam style)
Fables #71 (Cinderella in action, as good as I'd hoped)
Immortal Iron Fist #13 (Best issue in a while, love all the setup starting to pay off)
Incredible Hercules #115 (Nice stuff with Ares, Hercules, Amadeus, SHIELD... this is an awesome book)
Order #9 (One more issue... looks like we're gonna get an ending, it may not be a happy one... still great stuff)

Angel After The Fall #5 (Kind of blah, actually. Like the characters, but I'm not as into this as I am Buffy, and that's despite Angel being my preferred show of the two)
Brave And The Bold #11 (Kind of fun Ultraman/Superman story, but I'm long since tired of the overlong Megistus story... I miss the more freewheeling, seemingly open stories of the first three or four issues)
Captain America #36 (Not quite sure I'm down with Cap shooting people, and it's getting a bit mopey for me... I'll give it a couple more issues to turn around)
Grendel Behold The Devil #5 (Another great issue, so good to see Wagner writing and drawing Hunter Rose again)
Hack Slash Series #10 (Pretty wicked little villains Seeley cooks up for this issue, given what it forces Cassie into... very good, as usual, and I'm loving the search for her father subplot)
Invincible #49 (The covers on solicits have given away a lot of the twists in this issue, but it's still a pretty solid read)
North World GN Vol 1 (New weird slice-of-life/fantasy book from Oni... need to give it a read)
Repo TP (Futuristic action/chase book from Rick Spears and Rob G... liked the first couple issues I read, looking forward to reading the rest)
Sandman Mystery Theatre TP Vol 6 Hourman And Python (More of the great pulp/crime and romance book from Vertigo)

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