Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - April 2, 2008

Batman Grendel TP (This is awesome stuff from Matt Wagner... I actually own the contents already, but I'm still tempted by the trade)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13 (Loved the last issue, not because of Buffy's new lesbian relationship but because of all the other character stuff going on and the return of Dracula)
Dead Space #2 (Great first issue, established mood and setting and characters, look forward to seeing where they take it from here)
Nightwing #143 (One of my favorite books at the moment, Tomasi and Morales are kicking ass on this book)
X-men First Class Tp Mutant Mayhem (Collecting the first few issues of Jeff Parker & Roger Cruz's fun early days X-Men book, plus the Colleen Coover backups, which are worth the price of admission all by themselves)

Abe Sapien The Drowning #3 (Beautiful art, interesting story, BPRD spinoff stuff never disappoints)
Amazing Spider-Man #555 (Surprisingly, I kinda dug Bachalo's art on this book, and Well's script is solid too. Has it's issues, but it's probably the second best BND team after Guggenheim and Larocca)
Anna Mercury #1 (Ellis trots out some of his favorite pulp and sci-fi cliches. And I'll probably find it at least readable, as they're cliches I have some fondness for)
Cable #2 (Solid first issue, although I'm still wondering what Cable is doing in the future)
Logan #2 (Vaughan/Risso always worth a read, although I admit that my Logan in World War II Japan interest is low)
Secret Invasion #1 (I may wind up skimming it, just like I've done with every Bendis book I've tried to read since New Avengers #1, but it's Marvel's big event, so I need to give it a look just to stay up on things)
Walking Dead #48 (Really loving, and dreading, where this book is going in the lead-up to #50)
Young X-Men #1 (Intriguing and annoying by turns, it's probably just a nudge better than X-Force and not as good as Cable, as far as Divided We Stand launch books)

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