Thursday, March 27, 2008

Politics Stuff

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) and I differ on many issues. He's from Florida, so presumably he doesn't wish the entire state would be cut loose to go join Mexico or South America given the amount of crazy that they tend to inject into the nation. (Then again, I live in Texas... the saying about glass houses and throwing stones comes to mind). He is a booster of Hilary Clinton's run for office, and believes that the Florida votes should be counted as voted, even though all the candidates agreed not to campaign there (and then Clinton did).

However, Senator Nelson has earned my respect for this call to reform our election system. His ideas about popular vote vs. electoral vote, rotating which states primary/caucus when, adding early voting to every state and making sure voting machines have a paper trail seem like absolute necessities. Do I think this has a chance in hell of gathering support from an entrenched bunch of politicos who mostly benefit from a confusing and difficult electoral system? Well, no. But I at least respect him for trying.

And to see why I'll be voting for Clinton if she miraculously manages to land the nomination, even though it will physically hurt me to do so given how much better I believe Obama will be as President, read this excellent analysis of our two-party system from Smith Michaels over at Blurred Productions.

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