Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - March 12, 2008

Abe Sapien The Drowning #2 (Beautiful art by Alexander, great story by Mignola)
Annihilation Conquest #5 (Awesome cover, plus more excellent space adventure)
DMZ #29 (Starts the new election story, the best issue in a while)
DMZ Vol 4 Friendly Fire TP (Collecting my favorite story arc of the series thus far)
Serenity Better Days #1 (Heists, banter and chases... yes!)

Amazing Spider-Man #553 (Decent, but definitely the weakest of the Spidey teams thus far)
Atomic Robo #6 (A fun, action-packed, brain-punching finale to a fun series. Can't wait for more)
Booster Gold #7 (Kind of enjoying the out-of-time Booster/Beetle stuff... pretty sure it's going to end with a downer of Beetle being dead again, but if it doesn't, I'll be happy)
BPRD 1946 #3 (The early days of the BPRD, and I love the Russian demon/girl that has a pivotal role in this book)
Empowered Vol 3 TP (More of Adam Warren's borderline pervy, delightfully funny superhero parody)
Foundation #3 (Further development of the great conspiracy premise)
Marvel Adventures Hulk #9 (Leonard Samson vs. Hulk, courtesy of Paul Benjamin and co.)
Nova #11 (Dull cover by Maleev, but an interesting story of Nova meeting up with a favorite older character of mine)
Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #7 (Great action sequence, and although the Rustam/Flag stuff was probably better left buried, everything else is vintage Squad... I'll be picking up the trade)
Thunderbolts #119 (Solid, although I'm kind of glad Ellis is only here for a limited time, because I think I am too)
Walking Dead #47 (Jesus this book is getting dark... but it's got great action and great characters, and I'm fully involved again)
Wonder Woman #18 (WW versus the Khunds!)
Wormwood Vol 2 TP (Looking forward to the second trade of this twisted series by Ben Templesmith)
X-Factor #29 (Solid follow-up to the first Divided We Stand issue)

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Elayne said...

Glad you liked the action sequence in Suicide Squad #7. That was pretty much all my husband. :)