Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - October 10, 2007

Bprd Killing Ground #3 (The latest BPRD continues, and it's been great as usual)
Dynamo 5 Vol 1 Post Nuclear Family TP (Insanely cheap $10 trade of the best new superhero comic on the market)
Gyo Vol 1 (I've got the previous version, but I'm psyched to see Viz re-releasing horror manga master Junji Ito's work)
Nova #7 (Nice payoff to the Annihilation Conquest stuff)
Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #2 (Loved the first issue, looking forward to more)

Absolute Sandman Vol 2 HC (I haven't broken down and bought these yet... but it's probably just a matter of time)
Atomic Robo #1 (New pulp-ish adventure book from Red 5 - great art, fun story)
Booster Gold #3 (Mild interest at best, but it's still keeping that mild interest)
Brawl #1 (New Dean Haspiel, plus another feature from Activate... great cartooning)
Fantastic Four #550 (McDuffie wraps a somewhat overlong story, and it remains fun FF stuff)
Garth Ennis Chronicles Of Wormwood TP (Heard good things, on an Ennis high because I re-read Hitman... but low expectations, because Ennis's 303 bored me to tears)
Green Arrow Black Canary #1 (Lowest of expectations, but I want to like it, because I like Chiang's work so much)
Marvel Adventures Hulk #4 (Paul Benjamin's all-ages Hulk continues to delight)
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol 1 Digest TP (Van Lente's all-ages Iron Man has been a lot of fun thus far)
New Warriors #5 (A weaker issue, but still good)
Noble Causes Vol 7 Powerless TP (I'm really behind on reading this, I need to catch up)
Runaways #28 (Way too many characters, but there's definitely stuff to like in Whedon's run)

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