Monday, October 08, 2007

Dear Heroes...

Please stop sucking. I would like to at least watch until Kristen Bell appears.




CHunter said...


While I don't think that it sucks, it hasn't been really great, either, ya know?

But I'll still be checking it out.


Did you see the first episode os Smallville with Clark vaporizing and entire flood with his eyes? Corny!

Randy said...

Actually, I haven't watched Smallville much at all. I caught one season (three, maybe? Whichever one started after he put on the evil Kryptonite ring and left after the tornado or the ship or something hurt Ma or Pa Kent.

As you can see, the details really stuck with me. :)

Heroes is at this point on a short leash with me. Three episodes of weak material, plus their best writer (Bryan Fuller) off doing his own show, means I wouldn't be surprised if I just lose interest in the whole thing.

Kristen Bell is the canary in the coal mine for me. When she shows up, if her character isn't instantly so good that I want to keep watching, I'll know the show won't earn my attention.

Which is fine. With Weeds, Dexter, NBC's comedies, How I Met Your Mother, Pushing Daisies, Friday Night Lights and potentially good shows like Chuck and Reaper, I've got *plenty* to watch. :)

Manton said...

I really wanted to like Heroes (and did, for the first half of season 1), but after this year's first episode I'm done with the show. Haven't watched it since and I'm glad to have that hour of my life back.

Really there was only 1 great episode last year, the one that spent the full hour on Claire's family. If every show could be like that I would be hooked again, but that seems unlikely with new characters and plot detours. It feels like it will be dragged out by NBC without any real vision to hold it together.

Dereck said...

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, what'd you think of the Tyra/Landry storyline from the end of the premiere?

Randy said...

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, what'd you think of the Tyra/Landry storyline from the end of the premiere?

It makes me exceptionally nervous. I think that it's a bad idea, and even worse, it's not being executed so well thus far. Jason Katims did an interview with NJ TV critic Alan Sepinwall where Alan expressed his displeasure with the subplot and looked for some reassurance, and what he got was... not very reassuring.

It's not enough to kill the whole show for me, but after discovering this show on DVD and loving it, I really would have loved a super-strong, kickass opening episode, and it didn't deliver. There were some good moments, but a few odd character choices as well, and the Tyra/Landry subplot seems like it belongs on another show.

A much, much worse show.