Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Bush wants $42.3 billion for war, says we can get the money by not giving healthcare to poor children (OK, I made that last part up, he actually just thinks war money falls from the sky. In other news, Congress, please don't fuck up again and let these guys declare war on Iran, OK?)

I'm quoted in the New York Times. Which is kinda cool. Even if they flubbed the name (and link) to the site.

Max Riffner (winner of the 2006 Isotope Mini-Comic Award) has a 24 Hour Comic. It is about a werewolf. And it is a lot of fun.


CHunter said...
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CHunter said...

Link 1 - That miserable bastard. Your second part of your link may not be fact but it's true nonetheless.

Link 2 - And Comicpants just got slammed with traffic!

Link 3 - Gotta go read it now.

Chris Hunter
Comic Hacks


Bush is going to put this country into a deep depression, mark my words. I swear it's true.

Max said...

Thanks for the link, Randy!