Friday, December 01, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - December 6, 2006:

Looks like a pretty good week. Had a hard time cutting my top five down from seven or eight.

Beyond #6 (This is probably my favorite miniseries this year, I'm really anxious to see the conclusion and all the answers)
Manhunter #26 (Marc Andreyko's series gets another arc to prove itself in sales, with big gun guest stars)
Other Side #3 (Creepy Vietnam-era miniseries continues)
Runaways Vol 2 HC (Finally, a second hardcover volume of Runaways... the first one was terrific)
Superman Confidential #2 (Good opener, and I'm a big fan of both Cooke and Sale)

Agents Of Atlas #5 (Losing interest a little, but I still think I'm going to want to read the trade)
Batman Confidential #1 (Expect to be disappointed by the art, hope the story can survive it)
Doctor Strange Oath #3 (Despite a couple complaints, in general I'm really enjoying this)
Invincible #37 (I really wish this would get back to being a monthly. Maybe I should just stop reading until the trades come out)
Irredeemable Ant-Man #3 (Unpredictable and different, I like this one a lot. Great art by Phil Hester, too. Almost makes the top five this week)
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #22 (The black saga/Venom costume continues in the all-ages book)
Meltdown #1 (Solid first issue about a superhero whose powers are killing him... great art by Sean Wang)
Midnighter #2 (Not expecting a lot, but my recent fondness for Ennis's Punisher has me onboard for at least one more issue)
newuniversal #1 (Curious to check this one out. Immonen's art is always good, and Ellis basically starting from scratch with a sci-fi superhero universe *could* be like his work on Apparat... if he doesn't fall into autopilot anti-superhero mode)
Official Handbook O/t Invincible Universe #1 (This should be a lot of fun)
Robotika HC (Beautiful and action-packed sci-fi series, can't wait to see the production values on this hardcover from Archaia)
Spider-Man Reign #1 (Wary of the grim and gritty vibe for this character, but curious to see what Kaare Andrews will offer)
Star Wars Rebellion #5 (Probably my second favorite of the current crop of Star Wars comics, behind Dark Times)
Tranquility #1 (Gail Simone and Neil Googe on superhero retirement... too bad it's part of Wildstorm's lame relaunch, but it could still stand alone)
Uncanny X-Men #481 (Losing interest, but still just enough to keep reading)
Walking Dead #33 (Kirkman has four or five books coming out this week)

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