Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Graphic Novel A Day: The Expendable One

Writer: Jason M. Burns
Artist: Bryan Baugh
Company: Viper Comics
Price: $11.95 ($10.16 at Amazon)

Action-comedy-horror about a guy who can't die, his hapless sidekick/scientist best friend and a sexy, kinda slutty FBI Agent (or is she?) battling a werewolf (or is he?) serial killer. A bit of a mess, quite honestly, too many concepts, not enough focus. The sophistication is about at an all-ages level, but there's a ton of cursing and mostly un-needed sexual innuendo and sexy imagery, thanks largely to fantasy object Agent Armstrong. It's a solid enough book to read, and Bryan Baugh's artwork is nice, especially for those who dig on Viper wunderkind Josh Howard, but it's got various issues as well. Nice production values, as with all Viper books, a neat little full-color digest package for $12, and I think it's been optioned for movie development, which means it's gotten the right attention from some folks at least.

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