Friday, December 08, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - December 13, 2006

Batman #660 (First issue of the Ostrander/Mandrake arc was good, and Mandrake's art looks especially great)
Damned #3 (Very much enjoying this tale of Prohibition-era warring demon gangs and their unkillable investigator)
Escapists #6 (Can Vaughan wrap the series strong? Let's hope!)
Punisher Max From First To Last HC (I've read The End, and looking forward to reading the other tales in this hardcover)
Spirit #1 (Darwyn Cooke's relaunch of Will Eisner's classic... I wouldn't trust anyone else with it, but after reading New Frontier and Batman/Spirit, I trust him)

DMZ #14 (The second issue of a new, very intriguing, story arc)
Essential Off Handbook Marvel Universe Update 89 Tp (Not as good as the original stuff, mostly due to the characters covered, but still good stuff)
Ex Machina #25 (New story arc for the political/sci-fi series)
Exiles Annual #1 (Don't remember the solicited plot, but I know it's got a good creative team)
Fantastic Four The End #3 (Second issue weakened a little, but still beautiful art and fun story)
Fear Agent #9 (Always late, always a fun read)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #19 (Arcade vs. the FF with art by Kano and an all-ages vibe... better than the JMS FF)
Outer Orbit #1 (New outer space adventure with art by Sean Murphy!)

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