Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekly Comics - April 29, 2009

Green Lantern #40 (Some good moments, some not-so-good moments... so far the Orange Lantern concept isn't as interesting as the Red Lanterns or the Sinestro Corps, and I much prefer Ivan Reis to Philip Tan)

Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2 (Loved the first issue... went into skim mode on this one and never fully left it. Wyatt Cenac's awesome on The Daily Show, but his Luke Cage story was meh, Galactus' daughter was a disappointment from the usually-outstanding Adam Warren and Elsa Bloodstone is as annoying here as I found her in Nextwave. Which means one of these three will probably win the online poll instead of D-Man or American Eagle from the last one)

Muppet Show #2 (Fun... not as much of a blast as the first issue, but possibly only because I didn't know what to expect from the first issue. Also, unrelated note: Where's Incredibles #2? That book has great momentum, it doesn't need to lose it to lateness and it would have been nice to have #2 (and the reprint of #1) for Free Comic Book Day too)

Nova #24 (Suki is, to put it mildly, a bit of a cliche, which makes her less interesting than the Kree woman who took over for Nova in a similar role, but seeing the Nova Corps just spanked by the Imperial Guard was interesting... the story of rogue Worldmind is seeming a little long, but it's still got enough there to interest me)

RASL #4 (I know I'm going to love this book even more when it's collected and I can read the whole thing, but I'm really loving it right now already)

Sherlock Holmes #1 (Not bad. On the same level as the Man With No Name and Lone Ranger comics from Dynamite)

Uncanny X-Men #509 (Lots of cool moments, Proposition X is of course timely (and if Fraction is to be believed, coincidentally tied into Prop 8), nice to see the science team at least *mention* Forge, and I like Fraction's take on Northstar so far)

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