Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekly Comics - April 15, 2009

Captain America #49 (Sharon Carter spotlight - heartbreaking, fantastic work by Brubaker, Ross and company)

G.I. Joe Cobra #2 (Easily the best of the IDW G.I. Joe books, reminiscent of Brubaker's undercover genre stuff)

Green Lantern Corps #35 (Crazy chaos on Oa - not as good as the rest of the Green Lantern stuff, but still a nice tie-in to the Blackest Night lead-up)

Incognito #3 (More of the same darkly funny, darkly violent crime/supervillain genius from Brubaker and Phillips)

Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill: The Garden of Eden (Great one-shot with Beta Ray Bill as a prophet/space god to a cult of aliens, with really great pencil art by Dan Brereton that recalls Simonson's work in all the right ways - can't wait for Godhunter)

Uncanny X-Men #508 (Really? We're doing Kwannon again? Crazy complex, and the Greg Land every-woman-looks-alike thing isn't helping a ton either - I like the characters, I like the general vibe of Fraction's stuff, but there are some specific issues that keep me from fully enjoying it)

Walking Dead #60 (As always, dark as hell, but completely involving. I'm not sure how I can love these characters so much and yet also enjoy watching Kirkman and Adlard torture them for issues at a time)

X-Men Legacy #223 (Not wild about the past that's been given to Xavier, but Carey does a nice job with the redemption side of it, and does some nice work on Gambit, Rogue and his new Shi'ar pirates)

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