Thursday, April 02, 2009

Weekly Comics - April 1, 2009

Agents of Atlas #3 (Best issue of the new series thus far, bummer that the cover reveals the last page cliffhanger)

Cars The Rookie #1 (A fun look at the early days of Lightning McQueen and Mack)

G.I. Joe #4 (Weakest issue of the relaunch yet, as blond-haired young goofy Scottish accent Destro is a terrible incarnation of the character, but the stuff in the Pit was still fun, and made use of some nice obscure Joe characters)

Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #1 (Nothing against current Marvel editorial, but can we put these guys in charge? D-Man, American Eagle and Hawkeye star in good, great and decent stories respectively... seriously, I'd read an American Eagle series in that style in a heartbeat)

New Avengers: Reunion #1 (I'd much rather he was Hawkeye than *ugh* Ronin, but it's fun seeing Clint Barton and Mockingbird together again, and I like the idea of her running a freelance, benevolent spy network)

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #1 (Wow, that didn't make a lot of sense. But in a good way.)

War of Kings #2 (Fantastic, galactic level epic stuff with some nice characterization of the Inhumans and the new Starjammers. I still hate Vulcan, but he's a good one-note villain who I hope dies in the course of all this. Excellent as usual from Abnett & Lanning on Marvel's space stuff, and beautiful art by Pelletier and Magyar)

X-Men First Class Finals #3 (Not as good as issue two, about on par with issue one, I'm liking most of the stuff about post-graduate X-Men but the actual action isn't clicking with me as much)

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