Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weekly Comics - March 18, 2009

GI Joe Cobra #1 (Wow, that was a really cool, different take on G.I. Joe, focusing on an undercover agent infiltrating Cobra. Probably the best IDW Joe book so far)

Groom Lake #1 (Wacky, strange, beautiful art, pretty much what you'd expect from Ryall and Templesmith)

Punisher #3 (I hate what's been done to The Hood, and this issue is at least half about the Hood, which makes it my least favorite of the series thus far. On the other hand, the art's still great, and I love the hacker-Punisher teamwork)

Uncanny X-Men #507 (As a retailer, I have to ask... why the hell did every X-Book, including *both* main X-Men books, come out today instead of spreading them out? As a fan, I have to ask? A "Warren" suit? Really? And Dr. Nemesis continues to need a good crotch-punching. But... this is still pretty fun stuff, and akin to the Morrison X-Men, a different flavor for the team while still feeling like X-Men)

X-Men Legacy #220 (This really reminds me of the late '80s/early '90s X-Men that I enjoyed, and I'm even liking the use of Whedon's lame "Danger" villain)


Mushroom Jones said...

Marvel seems to do that alot. There's been weeks where like FIVE Avengers books come out on the same day.
At least DC is good about that.

Matthew said...


Question for you, and I apologize for it not being related to anything that came out this week.

There's a Walking Dead Compendium coming out in May that collects the first 48 issues of the series. I was reading the monthlies but lost interest around the end of the first year, not really due to quality, more that I was having trouble remembering all the characters month to month. I resolved to pick up trades, but never did.

My question is, do you feel that would be a worthwhile purchase. In other words, has the book remained consistently good for all this time? It's quite a good value and seems like a good way to read such a continuing, slowly developing story with a vast amount of characters. Kind of like, y'know, a novel.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Randy said...

I'm always up and down on Walking Dead. There have been a few times when I've given up on the book, to be honest.

But I always come back. And I have bought four volumes of oversized hardcovers, so I'd definitely say the big 'ol compendium would be worth it.