Sunday, March 15, 2009

Added to Blogroll: Artists!

A frequently-updated sketchblog from a variety of talented creators, including Cameron Stewart, Andy Belanger, J. Bone, Karl Kerschl and host Ramon Perez featuring sketches of girls. Sexy girls, regular girls, all kinds of girls, all done by great artists.

Also added, from STAPLE!

Evan Bryce, artist on President Awesome, who runs his own frequently-updated art blog that is full of great images. Bryce has a cool style that reminds me a little bit of what I love about Kristian Donaldson's work.

Monica Gallagher, artist of Gods and Undergrads and Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five, a terrific artist who I met at this year's STAPLE!

Kennon James, another artist I met this year at STAPLE!, whose "C is for Carnage" print and Funky Fish Book were some of the things I picked up.

And I would have added Nick Derington, but he hasn't updated since December... go look at his Flickr collection, though... the dude is a badass artist, on top of being a really nice guy.

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