Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Comics for March 11, 2009

Action Comics #815 (Better than expected, in large part due to Eddy Barrows' excellent art, but I still don't particularly care about these characters, and I feel like I missed a lot of backstory that might have helped... am I supposed to recognize Nightwing and/or Flamebird's true identities? Or are they just random Kryptonians?)

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (I have to admit, I'm impressed. Daniel does some nice work with Robin, Nightwing, even bratty Damian, and sells a near-apocalyptic Gotham that is like a cross between No Man's Land and Knightfall. That means there's bad to go along with the good, and it's not new territory, but it's interesting enough)

BPRD The Black Goddess #3 (How does this series keep getting better? It should be impossible, but the big old army vs. frog creature war, interspersed with more origin material for the bad guy, is beautifully drawn and fascinating to read)

Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns (Finally got around to reading this, and it's a good opener. Love the Sinestro/Hal dynamic, like the sinister scarred Guardian, like the oh-so-metal Red Lanterns... still find Cowgirl immeasurably boring as a supporting character, even if only on a page or two)

GI Joe #3 (The two-issue slow build gives way to an action-packed third issue, which is my favorite of the new series thus far)

Green Lantern Corps #34 (Jumped in after reading Green Lantern and while I don't recognize all the characters (boy could this book use a headshot roster ala the Legion), there's some pretty interesting stuff going on here, nice side-plot to the Red Lantern story)

Guardians of the Galaxy #11 (I love the cosmic action, but I can't stand the Starlin-esque cosmic mumbo-jumbo, and this issue is mostly about that. Drax's brand of snark, and the level of craft Abnett & Lanning have, keep it from sinking, but this is the first off issue of the book for me)

The Walking Dead #59 (Goddamn, but this is a dark book! Still fascinating reading, though, and a terrific action sequence this issue)


Greg McElhatton said...

Action Comics -- The big one that you're missing is that Nightwing is Christopher Kent/Lor-Zod, aka the adopted son of Clark and Lois that was introduced in Geoff Johns's & Richard Donner's first Action Comics storyline, and also the son of Zod.

Randy said...

Ah, OK, that makes more sense now.

Thanks, Greg!

Dragon Turtle said...

Hi Randy, if you like Usagi Yojimbo, try giving Tales of TMNT a try, issue #56 is out 3/18/09.