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Goodreads Review: Atomic Robo Vol 2

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 2: Atomic Robo & the Dogs of War (Atomic Robo) Atomic Robo TPB Volume 2: Atomic Robo & the Dogs of War by Brian Clevinger

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
A lot of fun, just like the first one, but the World War II setting, combined with the heartfelt thanks to WWII vet grandfathers by the creative team, gives this one a bit of a bounce over the last one. It's still got plenty of the wacky, from the over-the-top Scottish accent of the character based on Clevinger's grandfather to much of Robo's dialogue, and there's a lot of action and fun, but... there's also some poignant moments.

The post-war finale with Robo's nemesis is nice, quiet, effective little tale about the ultimate reward of evil. There's an underlying respect and appreciation for the troops who fought in World War II, without getting all "the younger generation sucks by comparison" like Tom Brokaw.

And the art is terrific, and Matt Fraction is right in his prediction of great fame for colorist Ronda Pattison.

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